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Satin Scrunchies (Camouflage) Satin Scrunchy

Daily use of rubber and elastic bands on your hair long term will inevitably lead to hair damage.

Wearing satin scrunchies will eliminate the damage that can include breakage, splitting, and thinning that comes from the friction and tension that is placed on your hair and your edges when you wear rubber bands or elastic bands.

Our Large Satin Scrunchies are beautiful and well constructed to accommodate all hair types, especially thick, curly and coily hair.

They are the perfect hair accessory that never goes out of style and has multiple uses. Here are a few:

Pull your hair back into a cute and stylish either high or low ponytail.

Tie your hair up at night before bed to stabilize it before putting on your VC Satin Bonnet.

Hold your hair in place while you're grooming it.

Carry one, (or a few!) with you in your purse for those "just in case" moments where you will need to pull your hair back.

They are approximately 7 inches in circumference and they stretch to approximately 8 inches.

They are made with beautiful charmeuse satin, elastic and lots of love.

More colors and sizes are on the way!

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