I love your Headbands-Tubes but my head is unusually large/small. How do I know that they will fit my head?

We are very particular in selecting fabrics of high quality that are not only good to look at, but they all have lots of elasticity. Whether your head size is small, medium, or large, the Headband-Tubes will be comfortably accommodating.


What type of fabrics do you use to make your hair accessories?

*All of the pieces are made of fabrics that are comfortable and allow lots of elasticity. We use spandex, acetate, and lycra blends. A few pieces are made of cotton or acrylic/lycra blends. We don't skimp on fabric. We do all that we can to insure that your merchandise is crafted with the best quality fabrics.

Note: Many of the fabrics are dyed. Washing your VC wares or rinsing them in luke warm or cool water until the water is clear prior to wearing them is always a good idea.  The black fabric usually has more dye than all of the other colors. Just like with dyeing hair, the dye is put on the fabric multiple times sometimes in order to get the shade that they desire.


My hair is not as long as the hair in the displays. Will the Headband-Tubes work for me?

Yes you can wear these!

It really doesn't matter what the length of your hair is. As indicated in some of the pictures, the Headband-Tube looks great on both short and long hair. Click on the "Customer Pictures" link on the "Home" page where you will be able to see the versatility of our hair accessories on many different people wearing many different hair lengths and textures. 


I really like the other hats that you offer, (the Crown and Rasta style hats). My hair is pretty long. Will they accommodate my long hair?

Yes you can wear our hats! One size fits most! Please take a look at our "Photo Gallery" on the Home Page.

All of our hats are crafted of fabrics that contain lots of elasticity. We use slinky fabrics, polyester, cotton and lycra blended fabrics. These hats are designed to accommodate both long and short hair. We have clients who have hair that is just a couple of inches long and some who have hair that is waist length who can wear these hats.  If it is necessary for you to place a special order to make a larger hat, We can do that. Of course, it will cost you a little bit more but most of the hats do accommodate hair that extends to the small of your back and in some cases beyond that.


How do I care for my Hair Accessories?

We suggest that you either hand or machine wash, (gentle cycle) your Hair Accessories in cold water and line/hang dry.


Are the earrings custom made as well?

Yes they are. If you purchase a pair of earrings it is very important that you are mindful of the fact that the earrings are all made to order.  Also we are working with fabric so the pattern on your earrings will not be identical to the pattern that is on display. You can rest assured that every pair of earrings are made with the same quality and precision that is displayed here. You will be more than pleased with your purchase.


* Do you do custom individual orders?

If there is a particular color or color combination that is not included in our store inventory feel free to ask us. We may have it available in our inventory and will be more than happy to make the item/s for you.  

You can also click on our "Customer Pictures" link, view the many pictures that are there and let us know if there is anything that you see and are interested in. We absolutely love to recycle and upcycle fabric!

If you made a Hat, or Headband/Tube purchase in the past and would like a pair of earrings to match email us to let us know. We may still have some of the fabric available to make them for you.  

Please email us at: virtuouscreations@gmail.com


Thank you!




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