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Extra Large Shower Cap, (Orange), Waterproof Satin Lined Jumbo Bath Spa Cap

This handmade, beautifully constructed jumbo satin lined shower cap is exactly what you've been looking for and it is all that you will ever need for your shower and bath hair care routine.

No longer will you ever have to be frustrated about not having a large jumbo shower cap that accommodates all of your long, thick hair because our jumbo waterproof, reversible satin lined shower cap... FITS ALL OF YOUR HAIR!!

If you have long, big, coily, curly, wavy, or thick hair gone are the days of wearing plastic supermarket bags on your head whenever you shower or deep condition your hair. 

It is satin lined with soft charmeuse satin to protect your precious tresses in addition to allowing your hair to retain its' moisture. The encased, thick elastic allows a nice snug fit that, unlike some other shower caps prevents any water from seeping into it as you shower.

It’s extra large size is roomy enough to accommodate your long hair, large 'fro, braids, locs, weave hairstyles, goddess braids, natural hair, updos, rollers or flexi rods.

This is a great gift to treat yourself or a gift for someone else!

(Holiday gift idea for a Birthday, Kwanza, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Welcome Home, Girl's Night, Pampering Day, Brunch, Veteran's Day, Boss' Day, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Wedding, etc.)

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