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Face Masks (#1-8) - Washable & Reusable Cotton- 2 Layers- Ties & A Filter Slot

These are handmade, washable and reusable face masks.

They are made of 100% cotton fabric, have 2 layers of fabric in addition to a slot for a filter.

They fit snug on your face and they have ties which are more comfortable on your ears than elastic.

Make sure when using a filter that the filter is large enough to provide full coverage for both your nose and your mouth.

Filters are not included.


This face mask can be used for many purposes including:

• Protection from allergens, micro-particles, dust and smog.

• Protection from transferring germs from your hands to your mouth and nose.

• Protection from touching your face.


This is not a medical mask.

It has not been tested or FDA approved for medical use and no medical claims have been made regarding it providing protection from any bacteria and/or viruses.

It can however serve as a protective barrier if properly used.

Please do not put these masks on any child under 2 years old.


Wash face masks before and after each use.

Machine or hand wash in cold water with a mild soap.  Hang or lay flat to dry.

Be safe!

1 (Black) $14.99 (19 in stock)
2 (African-Blue & Green) $14.99 (19 in stock)
3 (Cheetah) $14.99 (9 in stock)
4 (Peace Signs) $14.99 (8 in stock)
5 (Camouflage) $14.99 (18 in stock)
6 (Butterflies) $14.99 (6 in stock)
7 (Zig Zag Blue) $14.99 (3 in stock)
8 (African-Orange & Blue) $14.99 (20 in stock)
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