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Loc Extensions With Brown, Tan & Gold Accents

If you want locs without the commitment this beautiful set of temporary loc extensions are for you.

You are looking at 50 individually hand crocheted, looped loc extensions. 

Here are the specifics:

Color:    1B Kanekalon hair  

Length:  Approximately 14 inches long

Size:      Medium (approximately 10 mm in circumference)

They can be easily attached to the hair by inserting your own natural hair through the loop at the top of the loc extension and then braiding the loc extension onto your hair.

They can be worn for weeks or even months depending on the rate of growth of your own natural hair. You will have to gauge this yourself because everyone’s hair grows at a different rate.

They can be washed. After washing them allow them to air dry or use a towel to pat them dry.

It is not recommended to use heat of any sort, (blow dryers, styling tools etc.) to either dry or style them.

If maintained properly they can be removed and reinstalled.

In order to best maintain your loc extensions it is advisable that you cover your hair at night with one of our beautiful handmade satin bonnets that you can purchase here:


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