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Extra Large Shower Cap (Blue) 2 In 1 Satin Lined Jumbo Conditioning Cap

Your search for a quality, extra large jumbo shower cap is officially over.

If you have long, big, coily, curly, or thick hair gone are the days of wearing supermarket bags on your head whenever you shower or deep condition your hair.

This 2 in 1 handmade, beautifully constructed piece that doubles as both a shower cap and a deep conditioning cap is all that you will ever need.  

As a shower cap it is satin lined to protect your precious tresses in addition to allowing your hair to retain its' moisture.  The encased elastic allows a nice, snug fit that, unlike some other shower caps prevents any water from seeping into it as you shower Turn it over to the reverse side and it is the perfect deep conditioning or hot oil treatment cap for your hair.  

It's extra large size is roomy enough to accommodate your long hair, large 'fro, braids, locs, goddess braids, updos, rollers or flexi rods.  

It is made of a lightweight vinyl and is satin lined.

After use if necessary it can easily be rinsed off and hung up to dry to prepare it for the next time that you are ready to use it.

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