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Fingerless Gloves-Arm Warmers-Chocolate Brown-Fleece

These cute and stylish Fingerless Gloves are the perfect companion to your outfit and a must have accessory. 

They can serve several purposes:

  • Wearing them is a really stylish way to keep your hands and arms warm while at the same time showing off your cute nail polish.
  • They will keep your hands and arms warm while allowing your fingers to be free so that you can text and dial on your phone.
  • Is your office chilly? You can wear these and your fingers will be free to perform all of your tasks at work while your arms and hands are stylishly warm.
  • Do you or a loved one have arthritis and are in need of some gloves to wear around the house that will allow your fingers to be free while at the same time keeping your arms warm so that you can perform you daily activities?
  • Are you wearing a poncho or a wrap? If so then these will perfectly accessorize it.

They are made of fleece and are stitched on the outside which gives them a really chic look and they are long. They come to the bend in your arm which provides extra warmth, you can wear them all the way out or you can scrunch them down.
Each glove is embellished with a coordinating button which really gives them lots of personality.

Circumference: Approximately 8 ½ inches around the knuckle area. (They do stretch a little).

Length: Approximately 12-13 inches from the top to bottom.

Machine or hand wash in cool or cold water. Hang to dry.

NOTE: This fits a size SM-MED. Please measure your wrists to ensure they will fit prior to making your purchase. Please contact me if you need a larger pair.




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